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The spring of 2012 will bring an awesome fundraiser to GRSF. as a group of dedicated Gavin's Groupies will ride their bicycles across the United States from Columbia, Maryland to Chino, CA. to raise awareness of LCA and raise funds for GRSF. Our goal is to raise a minimum of $100,000!

Rob Bohannan
Rob Bohannan My name is Robert Bohannan, proud father of four children Jennifer, Karyn, Ryan, and Sarah, and three grandchildren, Nathan, Landon, and Gavin. I’m happily married to my wife of 21-years, Cindy. Along with my wife, we spend a lot of our time supporting our children and grandchildren at various school and sporting activities.

I’m currently on the board of the Gavin R. Stevens Foundation holding the position as treasurer. This foundation holds a very special place in my heart since it was established for my youngest grandson, Gavin in hopes to find a cure to his blindness.

My parents have always taught me the importance of family which I’m proud to say has continued with my children and grandchildren. This has become even more evident since the birth of our youngest grandson, Gavin. After Gavin was diagnosed with a very rare retinal disease, LCA, our family and friends have rallied behind his parents in support to help find a cure to his blindness. Together with Gavin’s mother, Jennifer we developed multiple web sites to help bring awareness to LCA. Although Gavin is only 2-yrs old, we have already held many fundraising events and help raised several thousand dollars for the Foundation for Fighting Blindness along with establishing the Gavin R. Stevens Foundation.

Rob Bohannan | Reggie Escalante | John Flores | Cipriano Gamino | Eric Grubb | James Moon | Heather Rene Smith

Reggie Escalante
Reggie Escalante Reggie Escalante is married to Ruth (for 12 years and counting), has two boys Joshua (9 years old) and Justin (6 years old), and lives in Orange County, CA. He’s known in social media as OakleyOC as he proudly wears only Oakley eyewear and attire, but is even better known as a crazy fitness geek, participating in mud runs, trail runs, beach runs, etc. Of course, he’s an even bigger geek when it comes to the iPhone and iPad. As a dating coach Reggie enjoys getting to know people through the art of conversation, and teaching others this lost art. As an active social media proponent, Reggie hopes to reach out to as many like-minded communities as he can.

HOW: “In early 2010, I had some crazy post-mud run conversation with my pal Heather Rene Smith, and “Gavin’s Groupies” was one of our topics of interest that just made sense to continue pursuing. Two mud runs later and personal chats with John Flores and Troy & Jen Stevens, next thing you know I’m about to train to cycle 3,000 miles for the Tour de Sight Cycling Team."

WHY: “I’ve been associated with various charitable organizations but after meeting Gavin, his family, and his Gavin’s Groupies, there was something special that was not easy to describe. How is it that a group of individuals from a small Southern California city have such big hearts …and accomplish so much? I’m honored to be among Gavin’s Groupies, and even further blessed to be able to train and be a part of the Tour de Sight Cycling Team.”

WHAT: “At a minimum my goal is to just be able to cross the finish line. With the exception of Eric Grubb, I think COMBINED our teammates have amassed 100 lifetime miles on the bike, so 3,000 miles per teammate on this mission …that’s a great feat to just train for. All jokes aside, I plan to raise as much awareness as I can about Gavin, LCA, and also I want to be a contributing factor towards raising $100,000 for the Gavin R. Stevens Foundation.”

CLOSING COMMENT: “Opportunities to help others come around every day and we should all act on those opportunities. At times others create these opportunities, such as when Rob Bohannan came up with this cross country cycling mission. Each Tour de Sight teammate has a talent and we’re each committed to exploiting those talents, in a good way of course, in order to help make Tour de Sight an epic success! I look forward to your supporting me and Tour de Sight!”

Rob Bohannan | Reggie Escalante | John Flores | Cipriano Gamino | Eric Grubb | James Moon | Heather Rene Smith

John Flores
John Flores When Rob approached me about this race, I immediately thought he was out of his mind and about half a second later, I told him I was in. I think it’s safe to say I’m completely enamored with the Stevens family and their mission. There is nothing I won’t do for them. I feel very blessed to be a part of this mission on spreading the word about Gavin and LCA.

Not sure how I got to be in the position I am but I am going to make the most of it and and we will do this bike ride again when Gavin can see this beautiful country alongside with us. You know, I get a lot of people telling me how lucky Gavin and his family are to have me in their lives but walk in my shoes for a couple steps and you’ll realize it’s the complete opposite.

I’ve learned more about facing my fears, trust, love and family in the past 2 years Gavin’s been alive than I have the previous 32…..oh yeah, my name is John Flores and I’ve been a Gavin supporter since October of 2008......and I'm a Libra and I like long walks on the beach because i'm not a cyclist.

Rob Bohannan | Reggie Escalante | John Flores | Cipriano Gamino | Eric Grubb | James Moon | Heather Rene Smith

Cipriano Gamino
Cipriano Gamino I’m Cipriano Gamino, better known as Cipi. I’m 33 yrs old, from Chino and have been blessed to be part of one the best circle of friends I could ever imagine. In that amazing group, that I’ve come to know as my family, is the Stevens family. Troy Stevens and I have been friends since 8th grade, and as his family has grown so has mine. Jen, Landon, Gavin, and their extended families are an example of how families should come together in happiness and in need. They have been there for me in my different business ventures, supported my short mixed-martial arts career, and have always made me a part of their life.

Since its inception there was no question as to if I would be a “Groupie”. One look at Gavin’s smiling face and there is no way anyone could say no. If you doubt me, take a look around at all of the wonderful Gavin’s Groupies that have joined the cause, and have made this now a part of their lives. Hampered by bad knees I only ran in the first mud-run, so when John approached me about riding across the country as a “Groupie” in the name of the Gavin R Stevens foundation, I said yes before he could even finish his sentence. John knows two things about me very well, so I’m sure he knew the answer before he even asked. One: I would do anything for those I love; and Two: I am extremely competitive and look forward to any type of physical challenge.

This by far will be my greatest challenge yet. And honestly, it would only remain a dream if it not for Gavin and the hope to one day share a sunset with him. I’m looking forward to this life changing venture alongside 7 other groupies, and supported by 1000’s of others. Thank you all in advance for your prayers, love, and support both financial and emotional. Let’s Make this happen.

Rob Bohannan | Reggie Escalante | John Flores | Cipriano Gamino | Eric Grubb | James Moon | Heather Rene Smith

Eric Grubb
Eric Grubb Eric Grubb joins the team having come to know Gavin's Groupies through his association with the Irvine Lake Mud Run. As one of the partners of Eco Fun Challenge, LLC the company that produces the Mud Run, he has worked closely with the founders of the GRS Foundation as Gavin's Groupies quickly became one of the consistently biggest team in the Mud.

With a solid background in event management, as well as a history of active participation in large scale events from triathlons up to Half Iron Man distance, half a dozen Marathons, and countless other running distance events, he comes to his own with a huge depth of multi day long distance fund raising cycling events. Having ridden though 11 different states and 5 countries he has raised tens of thousands of dollars for charities while riding thousands of miles.

Riding cross country has been something that he has admired in others and is a natural progression of taking on what's next in playing a bigger game. He is excited with the opportunity of being part of such a dynamic committed and enthusiastic team, so dedicated to making a difference in people's lives.

Rob Bohannan | Reggie Escalante | John Flores | Cipriano Gamino | Eric Grubb | James Moon | Heather Rene Smith

James Moon
James Moon My name is James Moon. I am 35 years old and born and raised in Chino. I have been married for over 9 years to my wonderful wife, Mindi and have two amazing children, Austin who is six and Wyatt who is three. I am currently a Police Officer for the city of Los Angeles. When I meet people or my friends find out what I do, the number one question I get is, "How and why would you do that?" I always tell them, I'm like a kid in a candy store, I love every part of it and I take pride in making a difference in such a large city, even if it's in a small portion of it.

My biggest hobby is playing softball on the department tournament team and on my two Monday night teams. I also make it a point to be involved in sports with my children by being the manager or coach of their teams. Now I may never be on t.v. or be famous, or run for office, or even have write a best selling book but I am part of something bigger than all those combined.

I am honored to say I am part of Gavin's Groupies and connected to the GRSF Foundation. I have known Gavin's father (Troy) since we were kids and our oldest two boys are best friends. I still remember when I met Gavin, after a couple of minutes I couldn't help but fall in love with him. He is an amazing child who has changed the hearts of thousands and soon to be millions. During the foundation events, I have met some amazing people who I now call friend and who have a special place in my heart.

Rob Bohannan | Reggie Escalante | John Flores | Cipriano Gamino | Eric Grubb | James Moon | Heather Rene Smith

Heather Rene SmithHeather Rene Smith
Heather Rene Smith is a California native but has been quite the traveler. Heather is a model and an actress, but within her busy lifestyle she always makes sure to set time to keep her fitness levels up, by among other things, training at Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles, and participating in mud runs. Knowing she has the media contacts through her professional activities, Heather makes use of her connections by bringing awareness to non-profit organizations she cherishes attachments with.

WHEN DID I HEAR ABOUT GAVIN? "Not soon enough! At a mud run in Spring 2010, I saw an informational booth for Gavin's Groupies and met John Flores. John told me about Gavin and LCA, and how every person around that booth that was wearing orange was running to fund research to help Gavin gain sight. It was nice to hear the passion John and Gavin's Groupies had with their efforts to help Gavin, and it was just natural for me to ask how I could help. The rest is still unfolding, as we're on a mission!"

WHY AM I PARTICIPATING IN TOUR DE SIGHT? "Because I'm crazy like that! Recently I was honored to be able to help with the first ever "Annual Gavin's Groupies Golf Tournament" and through that event we raised over $25,000. Such an amazing example how a small group of friends can help produce huge results when united in a great cause! Recently, I was asked how I felt about training for a bike ride across the USA to bring awareness for the Gavin R. Stevens Foundation. No one needed to ask me twice, granted I probably have never biked more than 100 miles in my life. It was just one of those ideas big enough that I know can help Gavin see one day!"

WHAT DO I HOPE TO ACCOMPLISH? "$100,000 is a minimum! Tour de Sight's objective is to raise awareness for LCA and in the process, raise $100,000. I'm confident with each member of the Tour de Sight, in conjunction with all of the Gavin's Groupies, current and future, I plan to be a contributing factor to us reaching that $100,000 goal! Also, just being able to spread the awareness about LCA through this cross country bike ride will give me an opportunity to feel even closer to the Foundation's mission. Like I asked John before when we first met, 'How can I help?' "

I'M JUST IN AWE! "One day I know Gavin will have sight, and I know one day he'll do something even more adventurous and more life-changing than Tour de Sight. In the meantime my friends and I will do what we can to shorten the wait for that day to arrive. It's a good feeling knowing I can help impact someone's life so much, but it's even a greater amazement how one little dude has impacted my life and the lives of many already...and he's just turned two years old!"

Rob Bohannan | Reggie Escalante | John Flores | Cipriano Gamino | Eric Grubb | James Moon | Heather Rene Smith
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